Reconstructive Surgery

Various kinds of reconstructive surgeries are performed under local or ganaral anaesthesia

Scar Revision

Use of Skin Flaps

Nose Reconstruction:

The cut nose if reconstructed using Forehead flap. The surgery is done in multiple stages.

Moles / Naevus Removal:

Simple excision or staged excision with or without the use of tissue expanders. Smaller moles can be removed by one-stage surgery whereas larger moles need multiple stages.

Scalp Reconstruction:

Parts of scalp with hair (Alopecia) are excised in serial excisions or using tissue expansion. This expanded skin is then used to cover the defect.

Use of Skin Grafts, Flaps for wound coverage:

Wounds are cleaned surgically and skin grafts/flaps are used according to the situation

Use of Tissue Expanders:

Tissue expanders of various shapes and sizes are used in 1st stage. These expanders are inflated by serial injections of saline. In 2nd stage, tissue expanders are removed, the defect is removed and flaps are used to cover the defect.

Ear Reconstruction:

Framework is made with ribs/cartilage or silicone implant is used.

Neurofibromatosis Reconstruction:

Penile Reconstruction:

Varying types of deformities and traumatic defects are reconstructed.

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad World Renowned Plastic Hair Restoration Surgeon

Abdominal wall Reconstruction:

Limb Reconstruction:

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