Follicular-Unit-Extraction- FUE

In this method, the hairs are removed from the back of the head (normally as donor area) with the help of a machine. A specialized punch of small caliber is used to remove these hairs. The main advantage of this technique is that there are very small scars on the back of the head, which are will hidden even in the short hair of 2-3 mm.

Dr Ahmad is the only Pakistani Surgeon who has developed a specialized, customized FUE punch (known as A-design punch) for FUE. This punch has the advantage to produce very small scars and very low hair transections during the procedure.



The strip surgery involves various steps which are performed with extreme care.

      1.  Checking the density in the donor area. 
      2.  Marking of the donor area 
      3. Painless local anaesthesia infiltration 
      4. Removal of grafts/FUs using specialized A-design punch 
      5. Placement of the FUs/grafts using special implanters


    1. The wound healing takes about 7 – 10 days. The scarring is minimally visible. 


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