Hair Transplant Surgery:

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and is absolutely pain free. Dr Ahmad’s techniques of local anaesthesia are well known and published in the leading International journals. The results are 100% natural with natural looking hairline and minimally visible scar. The technique of Dr Ahmad’s closure of donor site is published in ISHRS journal and is well followed by many surgeons.

Dr Ahmad uses SAFE ™ system for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Working at Dr Humayun Mohmand’s Hair Transplant Institute, Dr Ahmad has taken the hair transplant surgery to the next step, by performing the GIGA sessions (transplanting more than 5000 follicular grafts/units by combining the strip surgery with the FUE in the same session). The results are wonderful with his technique.

Dr. Ahmad’s philosophy is to take time in listening to his patient , to educate them about their options, to also help set realistic goals and to support them in their difficult decision making process.